5sing curve resurrection Domain name has changed into a cool dog music brand

A5 (admin5.com) station network July 10th news, 5sing net since mid June after the official website said the fault repair, finally audible again, today, China original base 5sing network announcement said, now officially became an independent brand cool dog music under the flag, but because of part of the business functions of the site is still in the maintenance, the current 5sing upload the song function temporarily tightly on the website real name authentication of users and users concerned about the works of 5sing, said the cover and accompaniment works will not be lost, the official will take the batch open on-line way back.

Following the June 19th

al 5sing was hold, Chinese original website after June 23rd, @ stop parsing, special investment in Sina micro-blog studios announced that 5sing was not the fault, but because without a license to the domain name is frozen, another source said, have been closed and the "non playing yellow sweep net and · 5sing wo99 site; the net net 2014 special action. Later in July 8th, according to "Chinese news, 5sing has replaced the two level domain name 5sing.kugou.com, will be open again, and a second on the news, 5sing cannot access again.


waves, 5sing finally return to the screen again, the fault behind what the problem is? According to the current situation, @ special studio cast broke with high credibility, but in any case, the day looking forward 5sing regression people finally have a home, but has been affiliated cool dog music 5sing, is still able to maintain the base of the original style? Cool dog music really will let 5sing independent development? Everything is still unknown.


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