Tmall signed 160 big promises next year to sell 30 billion

August 5th news, Tmall today held a strategic partner in the opening ceremony of the press conference, with more than and 110 groups of the world’s more than and 160 apparel brand signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Tmall said that these brands in the next year in Tmall’s turnover will exceed 30 billion yuan.

Tmall clothing structure 124

it is understood that the signing of the more than and 160 brands, the traditional brand Amoy brand, international brands, the line ratio is about 1:2:4, the core of the brand occupy half of the country.

under the agreement, the signing of the business and Tmall will be in the new starting, O2O, data operations, star resources, brand marketing, service innovation and other aspects of in-depth cooperation.

Alibaba Chinese retail business group president Zhang Jianfeng believes that clothing is the most important category of Tmall. As the headquarters of the brand, Tmall to launch a more strategic cooperation with the brand.

to attract strategic partners contracted exclusive

according to the introduction of Tmall, its strategic partners, including the global fast fashion brand, the traditional line of the brand, grow up from Tmall has reached a certain scale of the original brand and international luxury brands.

Tmall said that the world’s 90% fastest fashion brands have settled in Tmall, the majority of Tmall’s strategic partner. The traditional line of brands, men and women’s clothes, underwear, bags and other categories of the industry TOP brands have reached a strategic cooperation with Tmall.

in the traditional line under the brand, men and women’s clothes, underwear, shoes, bags, men and women, and all kinds of outdoor sports and fitness industry to TOP brands have reached a strategic cooperation with Tmall, such as the bestseller group, peacebird group, MO& Co., La Natsu Bell, Anta, Lining, XTEP, etc..

original brand, Yin man, starry, Liebo, seven princess, song, also reached a strategic cooperation with Tmall. International luxury brands, Buberry, Hugo Boss and many other international luxury brands have also set up shop in Tmall.

It is worth mentioning is

, Decathlon, Timberland, ELAND, TEENIE WEENIE and Inditex group and other more than and 20 brands Tmall and Tmall for the exclusive cooperation, cooperation is the only third party business platform.

with big data for soliciting brand

In addition, Tmall also announced that it will cooperate Ali retail platform, to create a full range of

, a full chain of business service system. The system is a strategic platform for Alibaba to provide cross platform businesses, which focus on data operations.

for strategic partners, Tmall launched the hidden guest program, that is, through the big data Ali to help businesses find potential customers, thereby enhancing the volume. At present, Decathlon, Gap and other brands have been running the program, Tmall introduced, the conversion rate of the customers of these brands is obviously higher than that of routine.