Network network VNEXPO invited to attend the Hongkong wine show the globalization strategy to upgra

news May 23rd, following the music network network CEO, holding vice chairman Li Rui concluded Wine overseas market after the inspection, the music as its ecological wine enterprises network network has opened a new round of international strategic deployment. It is reported that the network network invited from May 24th to May 26th in Hongkong at the VINEXPO Wine and Spirits Exhibition, to explore new opportunities Wine industry globalization amid the Asian market. During the network network with Chile exposure group signed a "memorandum of strategic cooperation, the two sides agreed to further cooperation. Subsequently, CEO Li Rui also set up a series of high-level meetings, or will be in close contact with several world famous wine makers, Wine Zhuang senior, will explore the extraordinary potential roots in the Asian market, boosting the internationalization strategy of network network upgrade again.

Asia Pacific region as the largest and professional international Wine and Spirits Exhibition – 2016 Hongkong VINEXPO wine exhibition is famous for its wine variety, one of the highlights of the lecture is exhibition, interpretation of the Asian market trends and developments. For this reason, VINEXPO attracted more and more professionals to participate in this year, there will be more than 1300 exhibitors from around the world, more than 35 exhibitors and more than 16700 professionals.


then, LETV wine channel (LEWINE) will serve as the Hongkong VINEXPO exhibition of wine wine industry was the only video media reload debut, close Wine global dialogue master, get all the latest industry information, panorama exhibition event.

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CEO Li Rui visited Europe and the United States Wine region since the hinterland, in-depth open global resources Wine upstream industry chain, network network has been upgrading and accelerating its landing overseas strategy.

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news, one of the important trip in Hongkong will be the network network and the world’s largest producer of Wine Chile (Concha y Toro exposure group) signed a "memorandum of strategic cooperation, will involve both the end products in more cooperation in the future, the United States and dry the product line of strategic cooperation, not even excluding overseas acquisitions, equity and other capital movements winery. The move will further boost the brand and product exposure in China market penetration, will net the wine online tourism resources industry chain increased.

it is reported that with the continuous changes in the global wine market and the rise of emerging markets in Asia, Chile dry dew constantly adjust the market and channel strategy in china. The network network with music as a huge ecological resources and unique ecological pattern, become dry an important strategic partner, to help dry the series product line in China won a space for one person. After the exposure has teamed up with the network network to create the world’s first CP2C product rose (Naynay), a (NUSTA) etc. the best-selling ecological products.

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