BAT a year of mergers and acquisitions investment 15 cultural enterprises preemptive short board

introduction: BAT invasion caused great concern in the industry, the big three intensive culture of the enclosure movement in the end trying to do, and will bring what kind of impact the


since last year, Baidu and Alibaba, three giant Tencent (hereinafter referred to as "BAT") has started to invest in the cultural industry, mergers and acquisitions infighting. According to incomplete statistics, BAT in a short period of time has invested in mergers and acquisitions 15 cultural enterprises, this trend is increasingly evident. BAT’s massive invasion caused great concern in the industry, the three giant Cultural Enclosure Movement in the end what is the purpose of the industry will bring what kind of impact?

BAT is intended to make up for the short board pre emptive

according to the Beijing Business Daily reporter incomplete statistics found that from January last year, BAT launched a total of 15 investment in cultural enterprises, mergers and acquisitions case. The Alibaba, the biggest move, relates to the field of the yuan, which has invested in Sina micro-blog, everyday sounds, music, sound of small shrimp alliance, China media and culture China; Baidu has invested in YOKA network are not resigned to playing second fiddle, and aspect Chinese network, PPS video and wood product popular video Tencent; most investment, mergers and acquisitions specifically, it has investment, the acquisition of Jinghe 5 game companies think of moving. While BAT seems to be still not satisfied, infighting between continued, has spread to Tencent and Alibaba are scrambling to Youku potatoes, UGC business known 56 Network also reported the core business was acquired by Baidu and Alibaba will spend 3 billion 200 million -35 billion acquisition of grand game, cool 6, Sheng Dayun, Shanda literature, the Android Market 5 a big group of news, rumors for a time since four, the smell of gunpowder.

so, why the big three would be so popular Internet culture industry? Hongyuan securities analyst Zhang Zejing told the Beijing Daily reporter said, not just from the angle of cultural industry BAT frequent investment analysis, mergers and acquisitions, BAT is actually making the overall layout, each of the acquired company are designed to make up the short board of industrial development, the ultimate goal they are to build the whole industry chain. There are three main standards of BAT investment merger: first, the industry must be involved in the sunrise industry; second, it must be their own industry; third, grab in front of the opponent layout."

, for example, Tencent has been crazy to get involved in the game industry last year, the core purpose is to maintain its dominance in the field. Data show that last year the total revenue of 60 billion 437 million yuan Tencent, of which the game revenue reached $31 billion 966 million, more than half. In addition, in the field of digital music, Tencent QQ music alone big, the network literature has accounted for second of the creation of Chinese network, so it is a typical "staking", in the industry occupy a dominant position at the beginning of nature is a wise choice.

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, Baidu and Alibaba such as Baidu, now in the field of digital reading has 91 panda reading, how cool bookstores, and Chinese network, the three will be the main client, Wap and P>