2015 Chinese APP classification rankings released which APP ranked first

in 2015, an Internet application over PC mobile terminal end is an indisputable fact, according to comScore in early July this year, the latest statistics, the mobile Internet has accounted for 56% of the time, on the other hand, the challenge of APP early, another cause of internal and external environment amidst the winds of change or the Internet market, the technical conditions of the the coming era.

in the past 2015 Q2 drops Uber car software market was 58. The glint and flash of cold steel; Jingdong; 618 raise a Babel of criticism of market capitalization of $50 billion; Qihoo 360, cool, LETV accident three party alliance; Alipay 28 days for Alipay version change; Gome online, millet and other Internet companies with P2P; Lenovo, Wanda traditional enterprises positive transformation; apple Google leads the giant force news media; paid video mode blowout.

only from the first aspect, the Internet community and users of every act and every move is not changing every hour and moment every twinkle and smile are APP rankings. The price of the transaction with Q2, Internet banking, finance more accepted by the user, but also because of the arrival of spring and summer, people have higher demand for sports, travel, tourism and other categories, fresh.

O2O also solve people living services APP accounted for more than half of the country, the user scale has now reached 750 million, accounting for 65.2% of the overall scale of mobile Internet users. MIIT in the second quarter, several times to speed up the operator to reduce the rate of capital, users are using the monthly traffic is as high as 321M.









Not only is

under the line of life into the Internet, O2O will continue to hold the position more and more important in various vertical field in the future, but the opportunities and challenges, the Internet technology and the APP industry fission is coming, the bigger story behind.

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