Still product network was the morning of new venture capital and investment of 50 million

yesterday, the reporter was informed that the product is still announced the completion of the third round of financing, financing $50 million. The financing has become the single largest amount of luxury shopping website financing.

is still the first product of the mainland is a closed member invitation system luxury website, the financing from the capital to become a leader in the investment, the morning of new venture capital and investment and investment. In fact, the luxury shopping website has become the new darling of the capital chasing. Share network completed the tens of millions of dollars in the third round of financing at the beginning of this year, serves network in March this year get KPCB $20 million investment.

According to the

ChinaVenture hit group statistics show that since 2010 the disclosure of financing case 12, financing $108 million, far more than the sum of the past few years. And into 2011 only half a year, has disclosed 12 cases of financing, financing amounted to $283 million, reaching a record high level of

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