Wang Wenjing riding on the back of the hero T

if the software industry really as the experts say is a cow on the back of the industry, so UFIDA company chairman and President Wang Wenjing is definitely on the cattle back IT hero.

Wang Wenjing, December 15, 1964 was born in an ordinary peasant family in Jiangxi County of Shangrao province rural water, 15 years old admitted to Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics in the provincial capital, known locally as "prodigy", after graduation he was assigned to the authority of the State Council, at the age of 24, he made the most important choice in the rest of life: resign business. Wang Wenjing and his best friend, lend me 50 thousand dollars to buy a 0520DH computer in the Great Wall, Zhongguancun Huangzhuang rented a 9 square meters of the house, hanging out of the UF financial software service "signs. The day Wang Wenjing ran to the customer, night program, dry to 12 points, on the sofa bed quilt on the bed. Adhere to and attention is Wang Wenjing’s wise remark of an experienced person. In 1992, after Deng Xiaoping’s southern tour speech, Shenzhen, Hainan, whipped up a storm of real estate speculation, a lot of people rich, whenever a little rich capital, think of real estate in the field to try. At that time, Wang Wenjing’s company is very difficult to do, business development, but the scale is limited, the work is very hard, so the UF also come up with some money to "diversification", but Wang Wenjing soon found himself totally in this field, he decided to immediately withdraw. Sit back to the computer before Wang Wenjing, from this person. After years of market discipline Wang Wenjing, now in the face of difficulties, have enough strength and confidence.

22 years after

, per Wang Wenjing founder of the UF software company with a record of 36.68 yuan price issue 25 million shares, listed on the first day up 100 yuan, holding 55.2% stake in Wang Wenjing UF worth has soared 10 times, reaching 5 billion yuan, become the "standard of leading knowledge to create wealth" of the classic story. About his entrepreneurial experience, Wang Wenjing did not appear in high and vigorous spirits. Only one thing in life. Focus, adhere to, and catch up with the good times." He said, "it’s that simple."

Wang Wenjing won " Chinese outstanding private entrepreneurs, " " Chinese outstanding private technology entrepreneur, " "; the first Chinese software industry outstanding youth, " " 2001 China annual economic figures, " " 2001 Chinese software enterprise ten leader, " " Beijing ", the American labor model; "business week" was awarded the 2002 annual " Asia Star " and so on. Ranked 148 in the 2007 Hurun report. 2007 Hurun rich list IT eleventh, 2007 financial report rich list twenty-fifth.

‘s own achievement, Wang Wenjing’s favorite is to say, "at the right age to meet the right age". He said that if it wasn’t for a good time, he might be in the city now

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