Oracle layoffs Chinese cloud computing competitors fortunately


cuts small scale more than a month ago, is located in the China Oracle again on the R & D team to streamline, and even rumors that the Beijing team will be abolished, related jobs back to the United states.

compared to Lu odd to join Baidu, as the 16 billion 800 million music and other heavy fire news, Oracle layoffs seem trivial. But Lenovo to Oracle’s cloud transformation, and may involve a "Trump call", let the whole incident become more whirling. Especially to domestic cloud computing competitors, Oracle or exit China market, or by the cloud computing arm to survive, whether the uncertainty is a blessing for


Oracle layoffs three guess and three possible outcomes

Oracle Q2 2017 fiscal year earnings report, the first breakthrough in Cloud Services Revenue $1 billion, and beyond the to become the world’s largest supplier of enterprise SaaS. One side of the integration of R & D resources with cloud computing, cloud storage related side to the abolition of the Beijing team, before and after the contradiction led to a series of speculation Oracle layoffs.

guess 1: Oracle layoffs system response Trump call, kicked off the high-tech "move back to the United States".

this is the first time gives the most media speculation, because Trump took office, began to take a variety of means to make the manufacturing industry and high-tech industry to return to the United States, forcing the United States multinational high-tech enterprises in overseas to reduce manpower, and the relevant position of the withdrawal of the United states. Oracle Co CEO Katz zafra · it is a member of the Trump transition team.

in a certain extent, especially the cloud computing industry is not a bad news for domestic technology companies, Google, Motorola and other Chinese exit from China has been warning, contrary to domestic competitors offer good opportunities to attract talent. On the other hand, China’s outstanding IT vendors and cloud computing startups, offers treatment and prospects will not be worse than oracle.

if this conjecture is true, it is not difficult to imagine the ensuing chain reaction, cloud computing, artificial intelligence etc. belong to the high-tech category, it means that Microsoft, CISCO and Amazon will be faced with a predicament? It is worth mentioning that, 2016 can be said to be the first year of overseas cloud computing giants officially into China. Is the beginning of the domestic cloud computing vendors opened the prelude to the internationalization. Once the so-called "Trump call" landing "work not completed" to describe the Amazon, Microsoft and other cloud services built in Chinese may be exaggerated, but in China the strategy of hesitation and seems to be the inevitable result of frustration.

also said, Ali cloud, cloud Tencent have started to nodes in the overseas layout of the data center, at the present stage is aimed at trying to explore the global market and the enterprise Chinese, Amazon, Microsoft in the cloud computing the original "> Trump agree without prior without previous consultation, or call Ali, will further stimulate the Tencent and then the

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