EMBER Yahoo Corp sold billions of dollars in business to 4 billion 800 million

Yahoo Corp Internet business for a long time, the final bid for sale has an end, Verizon will become a buyer of Yahoo Corp, the price is $4 billion 800 million. Yahoo Corp is a pacesetter in the earliest Internet, leading the era of portal standards, in 2000 the company the highest market value of nearly $130 billion, is the first worth more than 100 billion dollar technology company. YAHOO Internet business "selling" worth "so low", also a few years ago, an unexpected, YAHOO’s Internet business is integrated and split and also a high probability event, the collapse of a billion dollar Empire left countless sigh, is sure to become a business school case.

the United States telecommunications giant Verizon company is 1983 AT& one of the 7 T after the split, the main business is the voice call, fixed broadband and wireless communications, owned by Verizon Wireless is the largest wireless communication service provider. Verizon last year to $4 billion 400 million acquisition of AOL America online, AOL is a famous American Internet service providers, Verizon’s acquisition of AOL is to the user, the acquisition of YAHOO’s Internet business is the same purpose.



AOL value was as high as $160 billion, and in 2000 to $181 billion acquisition of Time Warner Time Warner, which is not only one of the biggest American mergers at the time, the first attempt is the fusion of old and new media, unfortunately in the technology bubble burst later in the integration of the two companies, AOL and independence in 2009 however, science and technology has become the arena of peripheral firm. YAHOO and AOL are the same, is the first batch of brilliant Internet Co, worth billions of dollars from the peak of the roller coaster down, after save any number of CEO and the board of directors is difficult to restore the decline, eventually reduced to be acquired, and the Yahoo Corp in 2008 but rejected a $44 billion 600 million offer to acquire the Microsoft Corp, because feel underestimated the value of the Yahoo Corp. Now look at the purchase price of $4 billion 800 million, Microsoft Corp can only rejoice not successful acquisitions.

YAHOO’s acquisition of the core business will no doubt be merged with AOL, while YAHOO’s Internet business is likely to face the fate of the split in the future. Because the Verizon company acquired the Yahoo Corp Internet business is not to be optimistic about the acquisition of Verizon is to expand digital advertising business and YAHOO users and Internet content production, but in the mobile advertising market, Google and Facebook will occupy half of the market share, Meijer and Yahoo Corp over the years has failed to expand market share analysts are not optimistic about the Verizon company can get more share.

Verizon company is a gradual decline in revenue and the number of users began to decline after the acquisition of the radical, hoping to bring new after the merger >

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