Third weeks in China’s top five domain names by the United States by reducing the number of 5223 by

IDC network ( on 23 August 01 reports: according to the latest data, as of January 20, 2014, China’s domain name registration total reached 7362322, ranked the world’s second. The United States, the total number of domain names registered for 80646023, ranking first in the global domain name market. Below, IDC review network will be together to understand the two countries in the United States,.COM,.NET,.ORG,.INFO and.BIZ, the latest registration of these top domain names.


(Figure 1) China and the United States top five domain name registration statistics (as of 2014-1-20)

, as shown in Figure 1, in the top of the top five domain names in contrast, the United States has great advantages. Among them, the total amount of.COM domain names for the United States 61450629, while China has increased to 6337022, although the success of the United States than the total amount of.ORG domain names, but still lower than the U.S..NET domain name, about.COM of the total U.S. domain name 1/9.

below, we come to analyze the specific data of the top five domain names between the two countries:


(Figure 2) China’s top five domain name registration statistics ranking (as of 2014-1-20)

Figure 2 data show that in China, the total number of.COM domain names to increase to 6338022, accounting for the top five of the total number of domain names of the top 86.0873%, last week. .NET domain name, 746288, accounting for more than 10.1366%, compared to last week. While the rest of the top-level domain, the market share of less than 3%.

in the third week of January (January 14th -1 20) during the five top-level domain have been good. Among them, the.COM domain name added 14180;.NET domain name added 1749;.ORG new;.INFO added 1398;.BIZ add 425.


(Figure 3) ranking of the top five domain names registered in the United States (as of 2014-1-20)

as shown in Figure 3, in the United States,.COM is also an independent domain name, a total of 61450629, accounting for 76.198%, a Zhou Xiaosheng, but still higher than the low share of China. In addition, during the third week of January, in addition to the.INFO domain a net reduction of 22546, the remaining four top-level domain names are growth is good.

above the latest data, the third week of January 2014, Chinese five top-level domain total net increase of 18202. The United States, the domain name is not as stable as China’s growth, net reduction of 5223>

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