Ma Yun has not bought Sina micro blog micro blog has been occupied by Tmall’s ad

ah, a platform to find information in advertising

in the past nearly a month of time, you hate to Sina micro-blog may be a little more — not only promotion content is not chronological news content, rough, and still did not reduce the zombie fans, there are at least once a day the Tmall "double 11" advertisement.

in November 9th, Tmall "double 11" in micro-blog’s advertising campaign reached its peak: if you do not install what advertising shielding plug in the browser, then open the web version of micro-blog, you will see such a large red Tmall ads, and a long cat guide suspension hanging on the right side:


mobile side of the situation looks like a bad: Tmall bought the application end of the discovery section of the entire icon, and with all kinds of relevant icon occupied 6 of the entrance. Together with all kinds of can not afford to eliminate the banner ads, can only say that the wrong point, may be brought into the abyss of buying and selling.


in a "double 11" media communication will be in October this year, the general manager of Tmall’s marketing department should Acer has disclosed that Tmall for this year’s "double 11", hundreds of brands to participate in the activities of a joint advertising a total of 1 billion 500 million yuan, is one of the largest in the history of the 1 billion 500 million yuan not publish price, but the actual throwing money out after the discount price.

can see, like Jingdong in WeChat even 11 days advertising circle of friends, Tmall these many money, also hit the Sina micro-blog platform on the beak.


investment Sina micro-blog, is actually the news in April 2013. At that time, Ma spent less than $600 million, on the acquisition of micro-blog’s stake in 18%, and left a share of sustained growth in space. Since then, Sina micro-blog has become a Alibaba in Amoy line (Taobao, Tmall) website outside an advertising platform, has not been able to show the profit value of micro-blog, is also happy to see more and more advertising revenue from ali.

Sina micro-blog earnings, advertising revenue accounted for more than 80% of revenue in the quarter. In the breakdown of the list of advertising revenue, only divided from Alibaba and Alibaba sources outside the two. According to financial results, the first half of 2015 Sina micro-blog’s revenue, the proportion of Alibaba from around 31%.

this does not include the impact of the end of Ali crazy promotions. By the end of 2014, Tmall and Taobao are also the largest advertisers Sina, when the 10-12 month, micro-blog received more than $38 million in advertising revenue from Alibaba, accounting for the quarter of advertising revenue of $43%.

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