Spicy comments Google to reprove the human flesh search

        accidentally discovered that Google out of such a thing, we go together to study. Just read from the revision of the Google to see how to catch up with Baidu Google not much emotion, according to my understanding, I add a little. Google as a network advertising giant, he almost never propaganda, not to say that in China is the same everywhere. For this reason, more than a few hundred dollars a year more than Microsoft.       had seen about Baidu history in the salon, seems to be burning a lot of money. It was also said that Google’s 3 young guys copying Baidu technology, I do not know is not true. Take a look at this point Baidu estimates than google. After all, the realm of others is very high, playing is silent wins sound. Baidu to hi, Google engage in human flesh search we wait and see. How do I do not know the results, I first prophecy, it is estimated that the death of the west. Reason: Baidu playing QQ, Google in the copy Yahoo (YAHOO’s 360 search remember?). How to play hi had 2 eyes (QQ like two eyes stare, look like, no wonder the Tencent always love to follow suit), Google is more boring, a copy to sell themselves yahoo. then give us some suggestions, small webmaster to make money, will also learn Baidu and Google how to burn.       finally turn to the question to see Google’s human flesh search, my name. I am a stream of consciousness, from the words written before Baidu and Google compared by the netizen criticism is written out of order, do not hide from you that I also wrote novels, "also known as" looking "living in the sand" is being created… Before using a pseudonym called bamboo Zhi wrote, do not know if there is no webmaster know. Do not know if you take Google human flesh search. The name of the human flesh search, I estimate that the first female users to lose more than half, less women, gay men have passion? Answer me。 After reading this paragraph you may feel that it is an ad to the human flesh search really attractive, but do you have time to read this passage? To prove this thing Google is also an example of The climate does not suit one. Look at the introduction of it:     New!   Google human flesh search volunteers

      human flesh search behavior and tattoos, whitening, skin care, slimming effect directly in the flesh on the. As the name suggests, the human search is the use of modern information technology, the traditional network information search to find people who have asked people, touch people, people, people, people suffer relational network community activities of people, for people to ask questions, the eight Party response variable query process boring, a stone Melaleuca aroused wave, call awakened humanity million heart search experience. Human flesh search not only in the shortest possible time to expose a certain door back >

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