National webmaster note site data to timely backup

webmaster network today received a webmaster for help, saying that it is rented a well-known IDC server is closed, even the data is not transferred.

after stationmaster net contact their customer service that the server has checked illegal financial fraud information. Although the station station for the story, and did not engage in illegal activities. But on the same server, there are other people’s sites engaged in illegal activities, thus being implicated. Lead to the entire server was seized.

IDC said there is no right to re open the server. Even if you want to transfer data and templates on the server. There is no way for them to be without permission.

recently near the Olympic Games, the Internet surveillance authorities are stepping up to the illegal information monitoring and punishment. To arouse the webmaster attention, maintain good habits, to timely backup site data to your computer in case of emergency.

finally, seriously despise those who engage in illegal activities. Hope to stop, to do the webmaster.