The network about the first day of the New Deal the normal operation of car car taxi market

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yesterday, the first network about car management approach, network booking taxi service management Interim Measures, the official implementation.

currently has 58 cities in the country announced the implementation of the rules of the network about the draft, in addition to Hangzhou, Ningbo clear rules from November 1st to implement, other cities have not yet finalized when the implementation. Among them, the Beijing city network about the implementation of the rules of the car management has now completed the views sought, will be announced recently implemented.

the first day of the implementation of a number of pieces from the Tencent of science and technology, easy to understand, people excellent step driver in the new deal, they are still in the normal orders, yet to get a platform does not meet the new requirements for the driver and vehicle handling notice.

express driver Zhang was previously self-employed, because they can not continue to rent houses, and can not afford high rent shops, in early April this year went on to become a net about car drivers. Zhang master of science and technology Tencent said, temporarily not issued a notice on the platform for the implementation of the new deal, to pull themselves and other drivers are still normal orders. "If they don’t let non Beijing determine the driver orders, then I have to get back to my roots." Master Zhang said.

network about the car platform positive position

Although Beijing, Shanghai,

Tianjin net about car "household Shanghai brand" makes a lot of drivers and the network about the car platform "gasped", but because many had only completed solicit opinions, has not yet been finalized, online car platform and the driver still feel a glimmer of hope.

and communication is around the network about more than and 20 days after the introduction of the new deal, the new car, drops and other platforms for most activities.


is still best droplets to communicate with the relevant departments to net the car about the details of the new deal, please feel at ease recent orders." On the evening before the new deal, the driver of the express received such a soothing message.

November 1st, the first day of the new deal, Didi, Shenzhou car, easy to have responded. Drip trip, said in the past three weeks around the network about the implementation details of the car during the consultation, the platform actively communicate with the authorities in charge of the report, combing the specific views. The future will further communicate with the competent authorities at all levels, and strive to make people travel to get the greatest satisfaction.

said the Shenzhou car, part of the city has issued draft rules for the network about the car, but the formal management approach has not been announced, to be around the rules after the announcement, the platform will be in accordance with the specific requirements do adjustment and improvement. At present, the Shenzhou car vehicles around the car about network basically meets the requirements for vehicles.

According to Tencent

technology, Shenzhou car in the recruitment will clearly indicate the priority to the recruitment of local household registration, and the driver has to give priority to the recruitment of vehicle operating permit "and" hold "driver qualification certificate" of the brother sister.

easy to say that the network about the new deal given the legal status of the industry, but also for the industry put forward higher