Buyers encounter selling the domain name domain name case security has been questioned

June 20th to come from China’s domain name investor Hanson three domain names (BQ.COM,, obtained by overseas domain name secured transaction website was forced to recover, the loss of millions of yuan. With the frequent occurrence of domain name security incidents, some analysts have pointed out that, due to the real name system has not yet been managed, the purchase and use of the domain name will still face a huge risk.

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it is reported that the single BQ.COM will let the Chinese buyers lost 1 million 300 thousand yuan, together with YCW.COM, USD.NET, the Chinese buyers have lost millions of yuan.

in fact, this is not the first time because of the security of the domain name of the event caused by weak. In January 12, 2010, the United States due to dereliction of duty Baidu domain name service provider company, the company in the United States domain name registered by illegal malicious changes, let the global Internet users more than 4 hours to use its search engine.

experts said, whether it is stolen BQ.COM domain name or Baidu site was black, have exposed the domain name holders of domain name registration information is not enough attention.

this kind of event to the people sounded the alarm, because buyers do not understand the history of the domain name, is likely to commit the same error with HANSON. The domestic large enterprises to buy high priced.COM domain name in the overseas acts have occurred, once the domain name enabled, will put a lot of promotion costs, and ultimately the domain name is the seller to recover, not only more money loss is the loss of goodwill.

"as the domain name registration information is untrue, inaccurate, once the domain name registration information has been tampered with their communication to resolve the domain name holder, registered business often take no notice of the attitude, outside the domain management loopholes so that domestic users often eat" stuffy ", which has the high risk of the user’s interests, not any security." A domain name investors told reporters, "there are a lot of people in the high purchase and use of.Com and other foreign domain, hope they can enhance vigilance, avoid the site after being stolen and suffer greater losses."

insiders pointed out that ICANN (Internet domain name administration) can let ENAME directly transfer the domain name to TUCOWS, and do not let the buyer make any excuse or judicial procedure. In addition, even if there can be arguments of the program, but the Chinese are very difficult to deal with these overseas appeals process. And if the registered domain name is CN, you can solve the above problems through arbitration and legal channels, so that buyers recover losses.

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global Internet infrastructure provider VeriSign (VeriSign) company recently released the "first quarter of 2010, the domain name industry report" shows that the first quarter of 2010 full >