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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network news August 13th, Ganji CEO Hao Yang Chung today revealed to the media, Ganji will start the listing process in June 2015, and a detailed interpretation of the financing situation of ganji.com.


yesterday, Ganji announced a new round of financing, the amount of more than $200 million investment for the Tiger Fund and carlyle. After Ganji has completed four rounds of financing. Namely: 2009, blue Chichuang to ganji.com A $8 million round of investment; in 2010, NOKIA growth partners and blue Chichuang to ganji.com B round of investment of $20 million; by 2011, today the capital and Sequoia Capital to participate in the C round of $70 million investment in 2012; two rounds of financing get CITIC Industrial Fund and the Ontario teachers’ pension Macquarie fund, the total size of up to $90 million.

After the listing of

58 city Ganji, CEO Yang Haoyong had said in an interview in no hurry listed, but from the outside, as the classification of the information industry’s two largest, Ganji will feel the pressure because of the 58 city listed. According to iResearch data show that as of May 2014, the recruitment fair daily coverage of 1 million 370 thousand people, 58 city recruitment of 1 million 50 thousand people; the recruitment fair daily PV is 7 million 540 thousand, the 58 city recruitment was 5 million 440 thousand; 58 real estate daily coverage for 1 million 400 thousand people, 980 thousand people ganji.com property. In comparison, Ganji is dominant in the recruitment of 58 city, occupy the advantage in terms of real estate.

BAT under the background of many Internet Co have taken sides, in a period of time before the Tencent shares 58 city, Yang Haoyong made it clear that: do not choose not to stand, independent listed. Whether listed or stand, the fair has been a long-term development strategy is that the most favorable premise. Although investment banks have long queue at the door, we choose not to grab the market, because did not want to go to the market prematurely put pressure on Wall Street, losing the flexibility of strategy implementation. Not stand, because we do not want to lose their independence because of blind choice.

Yang Haoyong said that the current classification of information is the best market opportunity, after ten years of accumulated precipitation, classified information market is in a node outbreak, with huge capital strength, Ganji can go faster. Ganji.com funds will be used for the current round of financing was especially wireless terminal product development innovation; market, to further expand market share; while also try to explore new business areas and O2O.

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