Ma Huateng do you understand the logic of the penguin Empire

45 year old Ma Huateng founded Tencent for 18 years.

just past November 11th is the 18 anniversary of the Tencent, the co President Ma Huateng to do members of the employees, employees, contractors and service personnel issued a total of 30 million yuan WeChat red.

that should be "double eleven" home court, the circle of friends are Tencent "red rain" refresh results.

it’s not a climax. Because Ma Huateng later announced a decision to give employees 300 shares per share of Tencent. According to the current share price of HK $200 per share of Tencent, they are expected to come up with a reward of $1 billion 500 million.

in accordance with the current market capitalization of $about 230000000000, Tencent is Asia’s largest Internet Co. Ma Huateng has reason to let tens of thousands of employees to share the wealth. This claim is typical of the "Bob", originally did not intend to open the company’s entrepreneurs, on many occasions are very modest, in the face of their own people is no exception, "the Tencent for 18 years, I am more about Thanksgiving, grateful to all colleagues."


actually, he holding an empire. Tencent’s WeChat and QQ monthly number of live users has reached 806 million and 899 million, respectively. Look at the Internet, no one can.

but Ma Huateng has a deep sense of crisis. Since 3Q after the war he always emphasizes ecological, half life to the partners; in the future, he is not sure what kind of technology or application may subvert WeChat, encourage internal competition. If you try to restore his 18 years of entrepreneurial path, is bound to open around fear, innovation, opening up a few key words.

Tencent listed on the main board in Hongkong in June 16, 2004, when the issue price of HK $3.7, the market value of HK $6 billion 200 million. At that time, some colleagues privately discussed, when you can sell it is said that CFO gave a bold prediction, how to get HK $10. Who would have thought, 12 years after the Tencent’s share price of HK $200 or so, the initial listing is more than 60 times, the market value is 300 times.

this is Ma Huateng unexpected. In his memory, Tencent has experienced at least three special difficulties.


Tencent hopes to sell like electronic mail system as selling developing a software product, some large Internet service provider is willing to buy, but only a set of instant messaging products, how to repeat sales? And traditional products is not the same place is that Internet products need to constantly update and maintenance, can not be short-lived business. Worst of all, they didn’t win the bid. At that time, QQ has accumulated a lot of users, they have no money to buy a server. It was a fact that the Tencent was hard to sell.

IDG and later Hongkong PCCW investment Tencent, a solution to the crisis. But investors are worried that Tencent can not change the business model