Robin Li Baidu will not give up the PPC Model


Baidu CEO Robin Li

Shanghai daily news yesterday, Baidu CEO Robin Li said in an interview in Shanghai, the business model itself is no problem bidding, Baidu will not give up the business model.

Robin Li said that all the world’s mainstream search engines have this practice. It is questioned, or because many people do not understand this model.

Robin Li believes that the main value of a competitive ranking is to meet the needs of small and medium enterprises to promote. "It’s a good way to spend less and get quick results." In his view, there may be some misunderstanding in the media on the issue of competitive ranking, so he is pleased that the user does not have this misunderstanding.

in fact, to some extent, the main customers of the search site is mostly small and medium enterprises, while in the market vulnerable position in the promotion of SMEs may be more eager to emphasize their products. So it is quite difficult to regulate advertising, Baidu’s own transformation is quite difficult.

, however, Baidu’s self fashioning ready to start from the user search experience. Yesterday, Baidu set up its first R & D center in Shanghai, launched a new search platform Aladdin plan. The project will be the new CTO, known as the technical genius of Li Yinan. Baidu said, Baidu 2000 core engineers have been put into the development of the platform of more than 1 thousand people.

this program is designed to significantly increase the amount of Baidu search data, so that Baidu users get a different search experience. According to Li Yinan revealed that the current information available on the Internet to search only 2% of the total amount of information. The website that can not be searched at present is called "dark net", it is the biggest technical problem that search industry faces.

Robin Li also challenge Baidu dark network to make an explanation: if the amount of information is now ten billion magnitude, then the number of ‘dark net’ is a trillion. Global mainstream search companies have invested heavily, so we can not relax, in addition to Shanghai R & D center, the future will also set up R & D center in Tokyo."

analysts believe that Baidu almost turned to the field of technology is actually in order to fight for more Internet users. In fact, whether it is a business model or technology is to enhance the search for the ultimate user experience, only the user experience is good or bad to determine the fate of a search site." The Internet independent analysts told reporters that qinchuan.

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