Standing friends network in the end is to do or not to do

since the contact with the SNS community, considering the nearly one month, to be determined to do a stand friends SNS, but now a wave of a wave of contact, so I do not know to

!Since the

contact SNS, from June this year has started thinking, should do a webmaster new community, in the thinking, I decided something, like some ideas, the domain name has been successfully registered (station friends), also want some ideas, to do a understanding webmaster webmaster, Webmaster Help webmaster, webmaster webmaster webmaster webmaster and trading, and become friends, and common development of the webmaster webmaster ideas, for these ideas, because I am also a little webmaster, a member of the China webmaster, although it in the company, has been engaged in the work of it me. Have a station of its own (, while IP is not high, every stable at around 5000, but a month can have income of 1000 yuan, though not many, but the feeling when the owners of at least some achievements However, this is not always the heart feel dry, must do a good profit mode service site, but there is not a good idea, I often visit Admin5, rarely go like im286 to go, there is a feeling of stationmaster net is enough, too much trouble, no need to go, but eventually to the few good webmaster nets are registered users, occasionally go to these sites, but the most is Admin5, almost a day he opened a few times less than open Baidu, Admin5 is the real feeling not rely on the presence of Baidu, and we are looking forward to these small webmaster Baidu, go to see the MP4 keyword in the Baidu page 127 me every day, have to page second, although MP4 and MP4 have been downloaded for free download in front of a few, but I still MP4 this keyword can bring more traffic, ah, poor station Long!

not lazy lazy I haven’t write soft habits, rarely write, feel like Admin5 go down for a long time, it is also more and more no surprise, or some repetitive, not really for personal webmaster, although the graph king has been claimed to make money the most important, no matter what kind of station, the first to make money and for this, I also agree with, oh, look at the use of graph king business profit model of Admin5 is so good, they are very confident about using the SNS model to do a webmaster for the vital interests of considering station friend network, but is often some problems, plus SNS will not find a good business the profit model, and finally made out of don’t know what it is, and the webmaster friends about many things always have their own interests, some owners will let his real play my site Benefits, I do not want to rely on the Last Alliance advertising to live it!

but for my train of thought I always think that to do such a SNS station community is very good, very good

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