The edge of information out of control Luo Yi laugh event and the truth of the need to stop

from yesterday to today, an article entitled "Luo smile, the brush you give me stop" the explosion of the circle of friends. In the article, the father of a child with leukemia recorded her daughter Luo smile some stories during the illness, so many netizens deeply touched. The father said he rejected a lot of public funds to help raise money, will choose to "sell" the way for the children, because he promised the agency forwarding every time, will automatically and donate a dollar.

for a time, thousands of Internet users began frantically forwarding this article, and through the form of WeChat express appreciation of their love. The first article of the WeChat public number, as well as the father of my father laugh a few times to reach fifty thousand yuan appreciation of the public limit. And the father is in his subsequent articles in public, said the donations exceeded their expectations, said he had been "hit" the head of money.

things continue to ferment at the same time, many people have questioned the voice. A source of unknown WeChat friends screenshot shows, the netizen say their friends worked in the hospital rescue smiled, laughed the actual medical expenses in the daily average of 5000 yuan, the total cost has reached 110 thousand, remove 80% of the social security claims, the father smiled since the fee is only 20 thousand. The presence of the first public number of articles exaggerated data, consumer behavior. At the same time, another screenshot broke the news of his father in Shenzhen has three sets of houses, medical expenses are all contributions by users, and did not use their own property. What is more the opposition to "sell" the form, they think that instead of putting a direct channel assistance without, but through forwarding to raise fees, this is clearly the first account of the marketing behavior.

in a short period of time, all kinds of information spread. Most of them are single source information. With such information in the tide, so ordinary users can not distinguish between true and false, and events from the atmosphere slowly at the beginning of the explosion of red side became parties speech melee, a sigh.

, charitable giving is still a sensitive topic. In June this year, Leshan, a 5 year old girl from five floor falls, their relatives in the congregation raised platform launched a 700 thousand project to raise the public, only 14 hours to complete the raise. And "smile" this thing, there will soon be a message that the little girl’s parents are very expensive, the name of three suites. But fortunately, after local media out of the rumor, said the little girl’s parents are divorced, and the salary is only 2000 yuan, three sets of real estate has been linked to the sale of intermediary.

was writing this article, do not want to "smile" this thing is qualitative, also do not want to stand in the public opinion "". But apparently, the web has become a hotbed of gossip. The rapid dissemination of information, let all kinds of lack of proof remarks wantonly. From the absorption of radiation cactus, after being drunk and then cut to the radiation of WIFI, the number of seemingly logical and tight rumors, to the general public caused unnecessary panic and loss. It is not difficult for us to understand that some netizens in the face of "smile" event, >

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