360 tourism website on line for the site of the 360 navigation products


"360 tourism website (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Le Tian) November 8th news, Qihoo 360 recently low-key on-line travel navigation website "360 travel" (go.360.cn), to provide domestic and international main attractions travel, tours, tickets, hotels and other information, the 360 site navigation products.

it is understood that 360 tourism, including domestic attractions, exit attractions, tourist sites most of the three. From the point of view of the site, 360 tourism is more similar to where the network, mainly to show the main line. Travel companies can put the line on the platform, the future or will be paid according to the effect of the 360 click.

is currently the "360 travel" is a travel navigation property page, travel information from the hornet’s nest, line information from ctrip.com, tuniu website etc.. Previously, around 360 navigation concept has launched a video, games, etc. the product group purchase.

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