Ali double 11 hour turnover amounted to 12 billion 200 million yuan 15 minutes has been delivered to

Phoenix Science and technology news November 11th news, Ali double eleven turnover reached 12 billion 200 million yuan an hour, the first single has been served for 15 minutes.

field data, said 3 minutes turnover of 1 billion, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 3 billion 700 million minutes, 38 minutes, 10 billion minutes, 2 billion minutes.

Wang Yulei, President of Tmall, said the double 11 is no longer a double Tmall’s $11, but belongs to the whole society, the world’s double 11. This year’s double 11 will be more focused on globalization, wireless.

it is reported that this year, eleven, is the largest number of businesses involved in the past year, only Tmall has nearly 27 thousand businesses, the participation of the 42 thousand brands. 14 courier company in cooperation with rookie network added 250 thousand new courier, so far this year there will be 125 more than the name of the courier to double eleven. Tmall and merchants to reach nearly one million customer service.

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