Reported that the 9158 end of the month to Hong Kong PO in gold as the main underwriter

reported that the 9158 end of the month to Hong Kong IPO has won two rounds of financing


message from the investment bank said the 9158 show has live video and other business Columba group will be held this month at the end of a Hongkong listing, UBS, CICC will serve as the principal underwriter of the IPO.

public information, 9158 in 2008 and in 2010 were $IDG2000 million and Sina $30 million in two rounds of financing, after this, Sina became the largest shareholder of the 9158. It is understood that 9158 of the original plan to NASDAQ but due to a variety of reasons will eventually be listed in Hongkong.

it is worth noting that the 9158 biggest competitors in the field of live video show YY worked NASDAQ by the end of 2012, and with a high growth rate of capital gain market recognition in IPO. According to the latest Earnings Disclosure YY revealed that the company’s Q1 this year from online music and entertainment revenues of 383 million 100 thousand yuan, an increase of 228% over last year.

And yet by the 9158

IPO, so there is no public disclosure of any specific financial data, but third party data revealed that in 2012 the company’s revenue has exceeded 1 billion yuan, the 9158 platform has more than 20 thousand video chat rooms, close to 200 million registered users, more than 30 million active users, monthly sales of more than 70 million yuan, but these the data has not been officially confirmed. In addition, 9158 in 2013 began to transform the layout of leisure O2O business, and in Hangzhou opened a number of local entities under the line KTV, hoping to open up online and offline business.

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