Count 11 won the Xu Xiaoping investment fund it real enterprise website and domain name

renamed China ( September 17th news, recently, financing events occur frequently, such as easy to car ( received more than $100 million investment. However, in this huge investment in the world, Xu Xiaoping has been a famous leader of the investment have lavish over website domain name for I won the workplace and many other online education business.

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Xu Xiaoping is one of the founder of New Oriental, is a "true grid angel investment fund. Or because optimistic about online education prospects, as early as June 2007, Xu Xiaoping take it real fund hundreds of million yuan investment over people over the open class, open class was founded in April 2007, and at the same time enable combination of domain on-line operation, the domain name from the word "top" and "u" and.

in 2011, grid angel investment fund began to frequent out of "hand" to the online education, time first network to get it real fund, later in January 2014 by the acquisition of New Oriental, the official domain name is "time" Larry And work together with the network (, 51Talk ( and clever ( were the price of million dollars investment in a year.


in 2012, a total of three enterprises to obtain real investment fund, is founded in December 2011, the ninth class to get it real fund, pine capital million dollars in angel investment, its website domain name is using the "ninth class" brand name Then is the extension of words ( and eight ( words Di animation respectively in June 2012 and August successively won the Xu Xiaoping Zhenge fund 1 million yuan, 2 million yuan investment angel angel investment.

In addition to

I win online education platform outside the workplace, Xu Xiaoping in the last year has invested in 2 companies, one is founded by the first network matchmaker Gong Haiyan’s 91 net foreign teachers, in January 2013 with the combination of domain name was built in the 91 net foreign teachers, Xu Xiaoping, Xue Manzi will get angel investment millions of yuan in the month. Another thing Xu Xiaoping million yuan investment fund is the super curriculum, the company successfully acquired the domain name in August 2013 after the opening of the line.

in the field of education, Xu Xiaoping worked in these years have never stopped, from the beginning of the New Oriental, up to now the investment in various online education platform, or online education will show a bubble phenomenon, but the development of competition in the market condition, some believe that online education business will become an occasion to rise, real strong brand at the same time, the type of education domain in the market will set off a wave of.

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