ATV’s official website by hackers damage

Express News according to Hongkong media reports, the Hongkong Asia Television was an eventful year, the official website of the day before a suspected hacker attack, taken over by the Hongkong police Commercial Crime Bureau, at present, no one was arrested. ATV claims did not received threatening, but even has large layoffs of 247 people, not speculation about whether the former ATV retaliation.

according to reports, the day before the official website found that ATV suddenly failed to start, the information technology department staff repeated repair after the fruit, ATV has been reported by the CCB technology crime investigation group.

ATV spokesman stressed that the suspected hacking site damage, whether with large layoffs of 247 people and has ATV for revenge, ATV not speculation, recently have not received any threats. The executive chairman Hu Jingying ATV and chief executive officer Zhang Yonglin ever received threatening, spokesman would not comment, said only hope 2 web site can be repaired, it is reported that about 1 million people every day ATV website hits.

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