Taobao alliance open Martial Arts Conference 2 billion new deal to support small and medium sized we

August 16th, with the opening of the strategic layout of the Big Ali Taobao Alliance for the first time in the background of the General Assembly held in beijing. A one-stop shopping Chinese largest search Amoy network ( independent join, let Taobao alliance the original internal ecological chain extension, extended to all external businesses, and tens of thousands of small owners together Chinese e-commerce industry circle only open platform.

Amoy network president Wu Yongming speech

"we will invite more traditional manufacturing and electricity supplier, join the e-commerce ecosystem without me, sharing consumption data and flow of resources, but also let more webmaster to join the ecosystem, helping their wealth flow into and grow into a new generation of knight." A "ashes" President Wu Yongming said at the meeting, Taobao union this year will be 2 billion new articles and external businesses together to help small and medium-sized Adsense growth.

2 billion small webmaster help deal

With the expansion of domestic demand and the transformation of enterprises, more and more enterprises begin to use

to serve customers. According to statistics, China’s e-commerce service enterprises reached 9200 last year, an increase of 21.3%. As one of the main sources of traffic, the webmaster has been one of the Internet traffic quality resources. Because the Taobao alliance began the whole network open, including Septwolves, Crespo card, valley, the traditional manufacturing industry and the scarecrow such wheat bags such commercial enterprises have joined the alliance ecosystem.

is reported that the Taobao alliance will be in the country this year, the station martial arts conference, for the growth of small and medium-sized owners launched a total of 2 billion, including into the arena of the new deal". Among them, 1 billion 500 million were divided into Taobao merchants, and the other one is brought into a scouring the external business into 500 million.

according to the general manager of Taobao alliance Wang Weiyi introduced into 2 billion main line growth and new experience — gold gold industry and the famous TOP site can sign the "standing and alliance Growth Fund advertising annual purchasing contract and cooperation framework; in the symposium 8 station breakout any station station, can also enjoy 3 month full 100 back to 50" new experience of gold policy.

Taobao alliance open platform is an open platform alliance marketing Alibaba group, its registered members only one year more than 18 million, only the original alliance website traffic resources open sellers and businesses to Taobao within the system, this year due to the large open Ali strategic implementation and adding a scouring network, the alliance will be introduced more than businesses.

publicly available data show that the current Taobao alliance to help businesses achieve turnover exceeded 37 million per day, the Commission has been divided into more than 3 million 500 thousand of the amount, is China’s loose money, the largest commercial distribution alliance.

In addition to the 2 billion

funds into support, Wang Weiyi also said that today will start the first challenge of commercial competition, the selection of outstanding stationmaster.

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