A novice web site owners of the financial station article

I am not beautiful, so I often dare to make my photographs;

A: domain name article


.Com and other international domain name search engine is love, especially compared to the.Cn and other cheap domestic domain, but the domain name is just a website name, the name of the visibility will depend on the influence of the site, so from the economic point of view, I do not hesitate to choose 1 yuan.Cn domain name. Thanks to CNNIC, just because of your low price promotions, there is a large number of female owners appear, only then can be known as the world’s first Chinese female webmaster of financial analysis! (I laugh after the atomic bomb, ha ha) only a pity that Admin5’s free CN domain name is not available, or more female owners to participate in the.

two: space article

thought to buy a domain name can do, unexpectedly also need input space. Also tried to find a free space, but it seems that all the forums are flowing with all kinds of free space for the use of blood, seems to be a strong proof that the world is no free lunch. Of course, the girl is very easy to be influenced by the outside world, so I decided to buy a cheap space, as if to buy a foreign trade fashion clothes. Go to see Master Hezekiah, than the price check quality, finally I carefully buy a 20 yuan / month /1G/ universal space. Although the price is not the lowest, but at least the quality up to now has not been a big problem, I still admire myself, after all, I was the first time to contact the site related things. Hey, just don’t tell you where to buy!

three: CMS

originally thought that the website is how difficult, originally thought that the webmaster how skilled, until one person told me there is a thing called CMS, I discovered that the original website to write blog as simple. Can I really tried to move, the new cloud, I also found that the original site was to write a blog is not the same thing. (sweat, feel shy, listening to SHE China, imperceptibly also followed the tongue twister) to consider the perspective of the economy, I study, CMS only gradually fly the free version of CMS is exactly the same in function and version of the charges, charges only, so from a purely economic point of view. I will not return to choose Jianfei Gu CMS. (oh, the girl’s petty nature, which can not be used to analyze rational). Point technology with DEDECMS is also good. Admin5 is the use of dedecms.

four: content article

weapon in hand, mounted his horse and put on the armor, sword: Western chonga!
Jianfei has been uploaded, login background, set collection, a little mouse: ah!

while learning the collection program

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