The Ministry or virtual operator license issued in June next year Chinese intervention in the teleco


MIIT or will be issued in June next year, virtual operating license

Tencent Francisco December 24th message, according to industry sources, the Ministry of industry and information technology will be on or around June next year issued a number of virtual operating license, licensed business through the Internet or leased network operators, operating basic telecommunication service.

in June this year, the Ministry issued the opinions on encouraging and guiding private capital to further enter the telecommunications industry. "Opinions", eight key areas of China will encourage private capital to enter the telecommunications industry to further encourage private capital to carry out the pilot mobile resale business; to encourage private capital to carry out business pilot access network and user network business; to encourage private capital to carry out web hosting business; to encourage private capital to carry out value-added telecommunications services; encourage meet the conditions of private enterprises to apply for communication engineering design, construction, supervision, information network system integration, user communication pipeline construction, construction project bidding agency qualification and maintenance; to encourage private capital to participate in the base station room, communication towers and other infrastructure investment, construction and operation; to encourage private capital to enter the equity based telecom market mode Telecom; to encourage private enterprises to "go out", and actively participate in international competition.

as early as a few years before the domestic experts mentioned the private and foreign capital are interested in mobile network operators, they will enter the mainland telecom market, the most likely form is to carry out on loan in the form of network virtual operators. Since the physical network is also in the hands of operators, this way to open the telecommunications market does not affect the overall situation, it will not bring an increase in investment.

It is reported that

, virtual operators (Virtual Network Operator, referred to as VNO) the biggest difference is different from the value-added service provider is its own brand to provide services for end-users, have their own billing systems, customer service, marketing and management system.

in the mobile communication operator owned by Sprint Virgin Mobile as an example, it can provide their own brand of SIM card, send regular tariff packages, bills to the user, can be said that in addition to no physical network, the virtual operator has all functions of operators.

virtual operators in Europe, the United States, Japan are legitimate business, to receive a special license in Hongkong, China, there are virtual operators exist. Statistics show that Hongkong has 6 mobile virtual operators (MVNO), including remittance, i100, Hong Kong, China motion etc.. Do runxun paging started in 2001 in the mainland market to carry out virtual operators, but under the policy pressure, after 2002 gradually turned to value-added and agency business.

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