2015 China Red List Wang Sicong Papi sauce tea sister first tenth

news March 8th, "Red Net" in today’s China Internet has become the economic strength should not be underestimated. "Internet Weekly" recently released 2015 China net red list, a comprehensive consideration from various angles, the final result is the national husband Wang Sicong ranked first, claiming to be "in beauty and talent in a" video Master ranked second in Papi sauce.


2015 China Red List

list, now has already become the boss of the Jingdong Zhang Zetian ranked tenth. The factors that Yan holding a cup of tea and stunning all end users of Zhang Zetian, has been friends dubbed tea sister "of the title, even if they are in the family way to be a mom. But then again, even if someone has become a young woman from a young woman, but it is still the hearts of netizens, tea sister".

Phoenix News client editor Luo Yufeng is ranked fourteenth, July 15, 2015, Phoenix News client network Reds "Fengjie" officially invited as a contract writer, once triggered netizens lively discussion. Some netizens said, "do not look at the appearance, she was a person very positive energy". Oh God, this friend, are you complimenting people or others.

in this list, advertising ring, hand piece, film critic, fashion bloggers gathered each expert. In addition to Wang Sicong, Papi, Zhang Zetian and Luo Yufeng. The famous "cat dog sun sun special memories weskit", "Wuda huangcan campus Belle" all appear in the list. (Wang Kaka)