Apple officially opened bidding advertising this may be a big wave of dividend flow t could b

today (September 29th), apple officially released on the official website of the overseas ASM (App Store Search Marketing) services, and developers to push the mail reminder. This means that the apple store on the WWDC announced the auction rankings, while the consumer side of the on-line time, it is October 5th – our eleven holiday.


however, App Store China is not within the scope of the first line of ASM, the specific on-line time unknown. For advertising you eager for a fight, you can wait and see overseas advertising effect, and learn how to play the ASM.


first look at the next ASM

WeChat public number CQASO base has been a detailed summary of the ASM account and the delivery process. According to their current test, only the United States District developers can open advertising account, and settlement by the dollar, dollar, euro and other currencies, but also does not support the rmb.


welcome to ASM

and promotion plan, and the search engine rankings are roughly the same, decided to promote the budget and the daily budget cap, is the first step in configuring the App pay ranking. Promotion costs are composed of two parts: a single display auction and complete download billing.

apple for advertising to do a very fine customization options. Choose to buy keywords, of course, can also choose not to launch the "Negative Keywords" blacklist, to avoid those who may be searched and will not translate keywords. In addition, you can configure the target audience and advertising time, rather than 24 hours completely put.

and user selection, gender, age, region, and even whether the user has used the same developer App, etc., can be screened within the scope of.


ASM is not ASO ASO evolution, not as efficient fun ASM

According to the

analysis of Morketing alliance of ASM terms, they think that Apple’s understanding of the bidding advertising, but also with the domestic search engine, according to the similar keyword relevance PPC, and free search results show the same experience tied (but that it is not even advertising), brand protection, as long as enough to pay the money. Good search keywords, "WeChat" can make their own App ahead of WeChat.

is therefore put forward higher requirements on the ASM developer ASO skill, a set of appropriate weights for the keyword combination becomes more important and precious, after all, every word is to spend.