Chongqing 500 webmaster poly Chengdu common share advertising cheese

          on Saturday (26 August 04), 500 personal webmaster from Chongqing and Sichuan provinces gathered in Chengdu, to discuss how to share their cheese in the huge market for Internet advertising. In the party, the network advertisement "intermediary" mom said, at present the personal website of the commercial value has not been fully excavated, basically in the blank, they will integrate these resources in the future, with small and medium-sized websites on the Internet together "treasure".

small website contains great business opportunities

According to reports, there are currently more than 80% of the online advertising revenue gathered on the site of the

, while accounting for China’s Web site traffic of small and medium sites have only received less than 20% of the advertising share of. At the same time, the development of the Internet leads to the behavior of Internet users to browse the web more and more fragmented, more and more personal site audience is relatively stable, the flow is very small, they can not attract advertisers, but add up numerous such site traffic has accounted for 80% of all Internet traffic!

Alibaba group is a huge business opportunities in which the treasure, in May last year, the establishment of the mother of Ali, an aggregation of small and medium sized sites advertising platform. In less than a year’s time, Ali mother at breakneck speed covering more than 370 thousand small sites and 180 thousand personal blog, hope that through the scattered in the flow of small sites and blogs to set advertising, that accounted for 80% of the flow of small and medium-sized websites eating more advertising revenue.

16 year old to find a new way to earn money

in the 500 owners in the forum will beat Ali mother, one from my city high school students become the youngest webmaster forum – Chongqing campus network station Li Yunfan. Li Yunfan was born in 1992 from contact with the network, love and students in online communication, he saw unlimited business opportunities on the Internet, and want to into practice as soon as possible, the students based on the local community website of campus network is modified to improve the final. Li Yunfan said it plans to profit model on the collection of student value-added services.

Saturday after Ali mother general manager Wu Yongming introduction, Li Yunfan learned that "the website is good, traffic can get bigger, the network advertising to bring real money, one of the important channels and this is also the site of survival". Therefore, in addition to value-added services, Li Yunfan decided to include online advertising website profit model.

Ali mother for small sites advertising

participate in the forum, many owners have told reporters that due to site traffic to attract large advertisers, before personal website profit pattern more embodied in the two aspects of e-commerce and provide value-added services, once the site is not profitable charging mode of these two aspects, we can not guarantee income, or even because of a loss and idle months.

Ali mother for the majority of small and medium sites to provide advertising trading platform, so that they see by the network >