One week news review Tianya listed on the new board to close the net online reading zhuaxia

1 the central bank’s new regulations to prevent the Bank of the third party payment: prohibit interbank transfer

on Friday the central bank introduced the history of the most stringent version of the "non bank payment institutions online payment service management approach" (draft). In the face of public opinion questioned yesterday, the central bank emergency rumor said that the draft limit is only 5000 yuan for the balance of payments network payment, the consumption of more than $5000, users can choose online banking payment. But the central bank did not draft the rumor about the payment account opening, single payment, transfer and other restrictions that make, caused a lot of user concerns and speculation.


central bank online payment draft once adopted and implemented, the future will bring exactly what impact on user accounts, online shopping, consumption, transfer? Reporters yesterday interviewed the third party payment companies, they simply read the draft of what the impact on users.

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2 listed two attempt failed, Tianya finally allowed the new board listed

August 3rd morning news, the domestic veteran community website Tianya forum, on the two attempt failed after the listing was finally allowed to three new board listing.

, according to several media reports, Xing Ming, chairman of Tianya community in the circle of personal friends to disclose, Tianya community network Polytron Technologies Inc has been in July 31, 2015 agreed to the listing of three new board documents.

titanium media in the National Center for the transfer of shares in the company to see the system, in July 31st the Tianya community released a number of announcements, including the public transfer instructions and financial statements and audit reports.

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