Biography Foursquare financing 100 million valuation of 800 million

Beijing time on November 4th morning news, the U.S. technology blog TechCrunch quoted sources as saying, Foursquare ( and Vc firm recently met to consider a D round of financing, the total financing of $50 million to $100 million. Previously, Foursquare has been Anderson -, Spark Capital and the United States and other investment institutions invested $71 million 400 thousand investment.

according to TechCrunch, according to sources, Foursquare plans to cash in addition to 700 million to $800 million valuation of this round of financing. However, due to the uncertain growth prospects, venture capital companies questioned the valuation. Foursquare in June this year has been revised, but did not receive praise. June 2011, Foursquare had $600 million valuation of financing $50 million, the company still holds sufficient cash.

however, on the basis of the valuation proposed by Foursquare, there are still some investors interested in the company, such as Ignition Partners. There are rumors that Foursquare is likely to be lowered to $300 million to $400 million in cash, in order to attract more investors interested.

Foursquare this valuation is about half of the market value of competitors Yelp. Yelp currently has 84 million monthly independent users and 33 million comments, while the total number of registered users was $25 million. But Foursquare CEO Denis · (Dennis), said the number of daily active users of Foursquare applications than Yelp data released in of this year, that is 7 million 200 thousand higher than in October, Crowley.

December 2011, April 2012 and, Foursqure registered users were 15 million, 20 million and 25 million. Although the number of registered users of Foursquare growth rate did not rise, especially in the U.S. market, but in some other countries, such as Brazil and Turkey, Foursquare has a good performance. In addition, Foursquare brings a good O2O (online to offline) effect: about 20% Foursquare Explorer search for a location in the user will be in this place within 72 hours of attendance.

Foursquare is currently improving profit model, and the above data is critical for Foursquare’s goal. When a user searches for a location in Foursquare Explorer, they will see the "sponsor location" in the Google AdWords at the top of the page