Pass the central bank to pay a license issued to WeChat next year said the issue of Tencent no lice


Times News (reporter Zhao Peng Li Bin) yesterday released China Academy of Social Sciences, "Chinese payment (2013)" blue book shows that last year China online shopping transaction size 1 trillion yuan mark for the first time, the explosive growth of more than 60%. It is worth noting that the central bank in charge of the China payment clearing association also revealed that the central bank and the association is studying to allow WeChat to open the payment function and issue licenses for it.

> > Association revealed that WeChat is expected to receive a license next year

people’s Bank of China in charge of the relevant person in charge of the liquidation of the first day of the meeting, the relevant authorities are willing to promote the development of mobile payment. The responsible person, taking into account the factors of WeChat such a huge amount of users and other central departments and the association is studying allowing WeChat open payment function and the issuance of licenses for the problem, and in the collection and study of relevant information, for example, to explore the pricing of payment WeChat, WeChat how to management fees charged to merchants.

the responsible person also stressed that the pricing problem of WeChat to pay, that is how WeChat management fees charged to merchants and other issues, and whether WeChat to collect licensing fees from users are two distinct issues, hope not to confuse the public.

, according to reports, WeChat if the license to open the third party payment function is expected to be the fastest in 2014, the license is expected to be valid for 5 years.

> > Tencent responds to WeChat payment functions in mid or on-line

because WeChat itself is not the third party payment tool, and the Tencent Inc is now owned by the third party payment tool caifutong has received the first batch of payment license issued by the central bank, so the outside world does not understand the central bank and the association of payment clearing Chinese why to study the third party payment license issued by the WeChat.

in this regard, Tencent official said this ignorant, do not understand why WeChat access to the payment function but also the central bank to pay the license. Money paid through insider sources, in fact, WeChat’s payment function is expected in the middle of this year will be on the line, there is no license problem. Moreover, WeChat how to charge management fees to the merchant is not responsible for the management of the central bank.


, a Tencent insiders speculate, because WeChat will do in the future, O2O (from Online to Offline) the payment business, do not rule out relates to the line to pay, while caifutong can only solve the problem of online payment, offline payment such as two-dimensional code payment may be required to pay the license No.