Diamond bird online entrepreneurial history young brother and sister of the century brand dream

Xu Lei, President of the diamond bird,’s online venture history

they are brother and sister; they work hard for nearly ten years; they are online in 2002 to try to resolve; they earn online shopping first pot of gold to 3000 yuan; in 2007 they got the risk investment; their 2011 net sales of 600 million yuan diamond; this year they plan listed; they want to build a China diamond bird hundred diamond brand…… They are online rumors, diamond bird!

Xu Lei and Xu Xiao’s story is a story of Shanghai.

they are Shanghai educated children, grew up in Xinjiang. The 18 year old Xu Lei admitted to Tongji University, then, parents with savings for her young daughter in Zhuanqiao bought a small house, at 50 thousand yuan, Xu Xiao Hui Hu, at the same time reading.

2002, English graduate Xu Xiao is a US based software company. What about Shanghai? The new real estate price 7000 yuan a square metre Zhongshan Park subway, 50 yuan per capita can eat alive and kicking in the restaurant. Xu Xiao white-collar work during the day, night on eBay open a small shop, the main selling silver jewelry, the most expensive a about 200 yuan. And brother Xu Lei has graduated from the Tongji University, 5 years of professional jewelry appraisal. 2000, the Shanghai Diamond Trading Center opened, a large influx of foreign diamond merchants in the country, is the need for young professionals such as Xu Lei run for them. Xu Lei then from the old store away, become a diamond wholesaler, in the vicinity of the Bund rents a 20 square meters of small office here and later became a small business of the online shopping diamond Xu Xiao’s first experience store, also is to want to buy cheap diamonds of young people in Shanghai to "seeing is believing" place.

Xu’s brother and sister that day cold air coming in, they are wearing thin clothes for nearly 1 hours in the Shanghai cold outdoors. At the same time, the diamond bird Nanjing road experience outside the shop, there are more than 100 customers are long queues waiting patiently. Most of these young Shanghai middle class in the online order to buy a diamond, and then to the store to see the truth. 2011, Xu brothers and sisters on the Internet to sell nearly 600 million yuan diamond jewelry. This year in Shanghai, 140 thousand couples get married, and they sold 15 thousand of the wedding ring that is in the city, at least 10% of married men and women to go to the consumer a diamond bird!

from 3000 yuan to 50 thousand yuan

The beginning of an

, Xu Xiao moving is to sell the diamond on eBay shop on the head. Brother Xu Lei has supply, he needs to do is for my sister, to take pictures of each diamond, with the highest GIA Tongli international high Certificate – known as the "4C" standard, provisions from GIA. At that time the domestic jewelry mostly diamond attached is the national certificate. Compared to GIA, the national standard is not low, but cheap – each GIA diamond certificate costs ranging from 30 to $200, the national standard is from 50 to $200