Spend 800 yuan to build fake website cheat game players 5000

(reporter Yang Ye) Lee is an online game enthusiasts, usually like to play online games". One day in January 2009, he saw in the "Yulgang" in the game player released game equipment to sell information, through the QQ number made contact with the seller, will be more than 5000 yuan in cash into his own account, for the purchase of equipment list. The equipment is not available, account for more than 5000 yuan in cash also take wings to itself.

at the end of February this year, Chongqing police suspect Shu Mou, Liu Mou, Wang mou. In April 1st, the first branch of the Chongqing Procuratorate in accordance with the law of theft of Liu and Wang to be approved the arrest.

According to

, three people usually like to play online games. A Shu buy online game equipment cheated in the same way, the germination of the idea of money. By the end of 2008, Shu, Liu, Wang 800 yuan price to find people to do a false website platform of, and then released online game equipment to sell information. Lee in the login of the false 5173 site platform, account and password that is stolen, the account of more than $5000 was divided by the three. Prosecutors reminded: in online transactions should pay attention to the proper custody of their private information.

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