nterpretation of social networking sites in the form of timeline from the key network

                Facebook at the F8 conference, released in the content format organize time line function, the time axis of this concept in foreign social networking sites in a large area became popular, such as Timetoast, Lifehaps, Capzles and so on. And the first time based social networking site key network is also on the line in the near future, and the creation of the concept of the common axis, which is also a feature of the label screening by users.

key network: timeline social networking site

key network is the first time axis social networking site, with the horizontal version of the timeline for the interface. Simple, easy to operate. And pioneered the concept of public axis, all the keys of the user’s network of public information released on the timeline of the private sector, will be aggregated to the common axis, forming a huge time axis information flow. And the time axis and the flow of information in two browsing modes coexist, allowing users to browse more simple and accurate.

The time on the

key net can be stretched at any time and accurate to seconds. You can publish documents, pictures, videos, audio, etc. at any point in time.

is worth mentioning is that the key network get together function without requiring any user operation, only need to register, to choose their own love of the label, the same label can real users get together, the preferences of dating users, is undoubtedly a surprise. In addition, the recent on-line label screening function allows users in the face of massive information can be extracted from the required content quickly, and according to the time sequence all presented in a timeline, and wonderful experience like PowerPoint like.



Timetoast time axis based on the flash platform, time display and switch very smooth. At the same time, the Timetoast operation is relatively simple, can be arbitrary in similar flash time to choose the time, can also be defined for each event time, name, image, description, the time in accordance with the time sequence on the time axis.

It is worth mentioning that

Timetoast in addition to watch directly through the link, Timetoast also provides support for embedded blog, just click "Embed/Share" to get the code to the blog, paste the code inside it. The problem is that the Timetoast function is relatively simple, can not provide users with a more exciting service, and the blog does not support the support of the thumbnail form, only point representation. Unfortunately, Timetoast does not support Chinese services.



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