3G portal for the third round of investment amounting to 55 million

3G portal recently received a third round of investment yesterday, the reporter got the news, this round of the amount of up to $55 million. Reporters learned that the investment by China’s broadband industry fund, IDGVC, the Asia Pacific, the United States four cooperation in the oecd. Tian Suning, chairman of China broadband industry fund will serve as director of 3G portal.

access to this huge amount of money at the same time, 3G also officially announced the portal to the platform, the new company strategy. Insiders pointed out that this strategy will make the 3G portal to become a mobile Internet platform.

3G portal CEO Deng Yuqiang said the platform value includes the value of the media platform, application platform, business platform. After the start of the new strategy, 3G portal will be on the advertising business, and gradually increase the service charges to the user – Mobile Reading, music, video, games in four directions.

3G portal is one of the country’s largest free WAP portal, creating a separate free WAP mode on the wireless Internet, to provide users with a variety of mobile Internet access free WAP platform services.