Google or site access speed into the PageRank index

according to foreign media reports, there are indications that the site access speed may become Google search engine ranking indicators, access to the site will benefit from the fast speed.

2009, Google has been concerned about the page loading speed. Google talked about the importance of speed many times, but also took a lot of measures to speed up the page loading speed.

and now Google plans to load the page into the site search ranking index.

Google quality management software engineer Matt – (Matt


Cutts in an interview, said: in the past, we did not load the page into the search engine rankings, but Google many employees believe that if so, the network will become faster. And the site is obviously faster access to the user experience better, so these sites should get additional incentives. Users don’t like very slow websites at all. I think in 2010, many webmasters will consider the loading speed of their web site."

industry sources said, Google may consider the page loading speed into the search engine ranking system. This will mean upgrading the site access speed will become one of the search engine optimization work.

Google has been providing tools for webmasters to enable them to optimize the site and ultimately improve the rankings. Google recently released a website on the speed of the site, the site administrator to speed up the speed of access to resources and information. Some of these tools, such as

Page Speed and Closure is developed by Google, and most other tools from third party developers.