With WeChat applications the development of independent APP is not going to die

I believe all of the Internet related friends now, regardless of product technology or business operations, must be very envious of the WeChat team. A beta link accidentally leaked out on the weekends as a scraper phenomenon. H5, a look so retarded so no brain so won’t listen to reason rumors, can make millions of users unbundling bank card (estimated that many operations buddy crying in front of the computer, can pull it to millions of users what to have the value of ah).

estimates WeChat team later to ask an age-old problem "a new product of cold start is really what


WeChat conference, Zhang Xiaolong dished out the application number concept. The core meaning is that WeChat will become an internal App Store, some of the less high-frequency applications can be embedded in WeChat to provide direct services.

is estimated to have these titles in brewing, "WeChat to apple over a national App Store", "WeChat representative China Internet formally to the war", "apple WeChat to do, get rid of APP all APP application development team cry to die", "I spent eight months of entrepreneurship eight million WeChat was dead"……

I’m not love chase hot, but this idea does have some application number, can you share with us, they start with a disclaimer, the following words are all my personal views, no half dime relationship with the WeChat team.

a, WeChat application number and Baidu light application

Baidu spent two years to promote the application of light, should spend a lot of money, I admit that I had them written a soft, open again when I look at the time today, I found the batch in the article "Baidu" into "WeChat" was completely established, but do not know WeChat would to this "second" soft pay.

I just intercepted a few paragraphs, readers feel.

users: the phone is more refreshing

for the user, the biggest advantage is: some of the commonly used applications I do not have to stay in the phone. Especially for many operators, as well as low-end smart machine customization, memory capacity is limited. So the limited capacity should be how to use? If you open the native application fat words, may not open, mobile phone will Caton, burns, crash. But if the application is light enough, then the user’s mobile phone to help thin, more refreshing.

users: with the use of

in countless romantic movies, when male and female in the middle of the night to say "I’m sorry, we break up!", always very fit under the heave rain actress, turned and ran, side face crying in the rain, and also in a small pit fall and fall. Baidu light application (WeChat application number) should be like the rain, when you need it, have descended, do not download, with access.