Who is the real online travel Raiders entrance off together into a new position in business users

in the tourism industry chain, in theory, should be the entrance entrance. Attractions with its own characteristics and influence to attract tourists, gathering stream of people, and to support the scenic hotel, catering, transportation, shopping, entertainment, travel agencies and other formats.

but the reality is often not the case, most of the attractions of the natural lack of attractiveness. In Hangzhou Songcheng scenic area as an example, the annual reception of tourists about 3000000 passengers, but less than 15% fit, most tourists travel with the group of tourists. Therefore, rooted in the traditional travel service industry travel agencies, but become a lot of scenic traffic entrance.

but where is the real entrance off together online travel? Look at the horse with I.

from the line to the line – Travel Agency

according to the National Tourism Administration statistics, in 2012, the national travel agency received a total of 200 million tourists. Among them, the domestic travel 163 million passengers, accounting for the total amount of travel agencies received 81.5%. However, over the same period China’s total domestic tourism reached 2 billion 957 million passengers, travel agents in the domestic market penetration of only about 5.5%.

in sharp contrast to this, the travel agency in the out of the market penetration is higher. In 2012, the Travel Agency organized outbound travel 28 million passengers, and received more than 14 million foreign tourists, accounting for all inbound foreign tourists by 51.7%.

there is a big background of policy guidance. After the founding of new China, China’s travel agency dedicated to the reception guests, led by the government established the Chinese international travel and overseas travel. Until the 80s of last century, private travel agency was formally developed.

on the other hand, since the reform and opening up for a long time, vigorously develop inbound tourism is a basic policy of China’s tourism industry, domestic and outbound tourism has been greatly suppressed, led directly to the domestic travel agency of the recession. In 2013, Chinese CITS domestic tourism income is only 3 billion 100 million yuan, CYTS scale equivalent, and travel agency business is not making money. China CITS’s tax-free profits mainly from the business, CYTS Wuzhen scenic area and is mainly dependent on the real estate business profit.

until 2004, the EU as a whole to open tourism market in China, China’s outbound market is officially started, and in just a few years showing explosive growth. But China’s outbound travel market is still mainly for neighboring countries and regions of Hong Kong and Macao, Singapore Malaysia and Thailand, the proportion of small and long term travel.

A core function of the

travel agency is the integration of the travel process "chizhuhang swim purchase entertainment" in all aspects of resources. Therefore, the higher the demand for resources integration attractions, travel agencies, the more intense demand. Then, a group focused on the rapid development of outbound travel agents, tourism is one of the UTS, it focuses on long-term travel market in europe.

outbound travel country

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