The site of the future where

      large entertainment station, tourist station, consulting station, portal station, the first station of China? Do you know these words you said above, how to achieve it? I tell you, the site of the future where.

      calculate your profit item:

      0 portal station? Khan, do not say you know.

      1 tourism, do you have a local pillar industry? Such as hotels, hotels, travel agencies?

      2 information square? What is the amount of information you have access to the local information and talent markets and how much is left for you?

      3 site construction? If this can make money, it is strange, any website to know, there is no internal people, no relationship, there is no large government contracts, engage in the construction of the website does not earn much.

      4 gifts? Online store? Do you know how many homes are there now? What are your plans to attract customers? Taobao? Ebay? Yunwang? And so on big sellers, have eaten 9 of China’s market.

      5 Web site? Do you know how many websites there are in China? I do not dare to say that they can be statistically clear, because I simply can not figure out statistics, because too much, to establish a.

      6 search station? Where is the technology? What do you mean by stealing?

      7 | yellow color stand? You simply do not know what is called black space? In short, the money is given, the space is not, or is not long, or is the limit of death, always over traffic. Even if you haven’t met, you think, do, you really can make a lot of money? And security? Some money, life can be spent ah, do not let the domestic CT caught, otherwise…

      8 SMS station? How many idiots do you think there are in China?

      9 ad union station? In this regard, estimate the webmaster as an idiot, you’ve seen a few large personal website, to join the league?

      10 game station? A 17173 is not enough, you in the end of the analysis of the flow of 17173 is why? Then I tell you, because the game news and Raiders, but your strength, can do >

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