Mo Yan won the Nobel prize for literature related to the domain name was registered



Mo Yan, formerly known as Guan moye, born in Shandong province.


technology news October 12th afternoon, the famous contemporary writer Mo Yan Chinese won the Nobel prize for literature, the commercial value soared, not only a number of related cultural companies declared limit, and he related domain has been registered quickly.

Mo Yan, formerly known as Guan moye, born in Shandong province is a famous contemporary writer Chinese. The author of "Red Sorghum", "Republic of wine", "fengrufeitun", "sandalwood punishment", "life and death", writes eleven novels, "transparent carrot", "commander" women in short stories more than 100.

was registered by the domain name not only include, and other directly related domain names, including, and other indirect related domain name. The name "Mo Yan" directly named with "the flame" homophonic approximation, as early as in 2003 has been the foreign domain name trading agency registered.

a senior domain name who Sina Technology said that Mo Yan will be the first commercial value reflected in the sales of books, the future of television drama adaptation, digital copyright has great commercial prospects, Mo Yan related to the commercial value of the domain name will gradually release.

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