Baidu amnesty world Thank Admin5 thank Baidu

at 17:55 on June 5th, it should be said that for many webmasters are an exciting moment, for a Baidu K released on the three day of the webmaster, no less than a shock brought by aftershocks.

this afternoon at 5 -7 point, a few days ago was K station has been lifted. This is a Baidu act, a moment let users as cheerful as a lark. I believe these days, many K webmaster (including me) the mood is heavy, there is a parents out of the house of the child back, eyes full of excitement but also revealed scared.

actually, I already wrote in his article, this is our Baidu and a beautiful misunderstanding, let each other know how to cherish some things, especially the lost things more precious.

I think

, Baidu to K people, or some people do not cherish the existing cyber source, to study SEO and want to get traffic every day, to do some already know you should not do, the final result, the victims or the people later.

is here, I don’t like to say, I want to thank Baidu, also thank Admin5 for giving me a chance. People, say "thank you", will be happy and happy.

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