On the first day of the conference Ma Lei Jun Zhou Hongyi and said what did the president of th

yesterday, the first day of the opening of the world Internet conference.

in the West Gate Scenic Spot, past tourists, hawkers are noisy but ancient untraceable, quiet alley still at any time will be poured out of the crowd, they are Ma Yun, Robin Li, Ding Lei, Zhou Hongyi, Zhang Zhaoyang such as a public Internet ". Although the Internet bigwigs are chosen last night (November 15th) low-key appearance, but still could not escape the flash and dogged reporter.

yesterday evening, Ma more than and 10 people into a "Kam shore private pension meals, attracted a public reporter at the door.


just got 120 billion 700 million yuan on the same day the turnover of $eleven Ma, looks good mood. For reporters to throw the question, "taste good?" "do you feel Wuzhen has changed?"." "Wuzhen is more beautiful."

and Ding Lei doesn’t seem so lucky. Last night nine points into the area, the security is containment. Not directly into the toilet, the reporter shouted "Ding boss, this year is about dinner?" "this year with your pet pork?" Zhou Hongyi said something to talk to you, what is it? "Ding Lei to attend to.


this morning, the chiefs have all come into play, scenic security mouth to restore calm. Nine in the morning, the reporter brush face into the area, this is the first black technology reporter felt, unlike previous years, the Wuzhen scenic area entrance by "face recognition" technology, participants without manual check pass into a second checkpoint, photos immediately appear on the screen, does not match the identity of personnel will touch alarm device.

site staff told reporters that after the end of the current Internet Conference, face recognition will be fully implemented in Wuzhen scenic.

Ma: the next 30 years are good Internet technology company, country and young people

at ten a.m., the opening ceremony lasted an hour.

Ma, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba

is the only one at the opening ceremony of the speech of Chinese entrepreneurs. It is said that Ma Yun’s speech was originally arranged in the 16 session of the plenary session of the session, the temporary advance to the morning of the opening ceremony.

Ma Yun said in his speech, the next 30 years are good Internet technology companies, countries and young people. The new technology will be integrated into the traditional aspects of the industry, leading the change of human society upside down. "No matter who you are, no matter where you are, all of us will be part of this great change."

Ma seems that the future of the Internet without borders, like electricity without borders. No one will refuse the Internet in the future, no one can leave the network and exist. The impact of traditional business is not electronic business

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