360 thousand community website outlet in word of mouth marketing

      – reporter Zhao Ming

        "community represents the future of the internet." After the second Internet community conference, Zhou Hongyi in an interview with China economic times reporter.

        Tencent and Baidu has become the Chinese Internet overlord, but they may not "take the world", "Qihoo chairman Zhou Hongyi said, after the portal and search, the community is becoming the new" gold China internet". He believes that the Internet is not actually China leadership of sina, Sohu, NetEase and other traditional portals, but emerging leader in Baidu, led by Tencent, "the two to be successful, mainly because they have strong community." Zhou Hongyi explained that this is not because of their income or the market value of their dominant position, but because they will do a good job in the community, and the communication mode of the Internet users than other sites.

        "the most essential needs of human beings are communication and communication. So online games is a community, Ebay is the community, Alibaba and Taobao is also a community."

        "Tencent is actually one of the largest community," Zhou Hongyi said, the community has more than Tencent such as Sina, Sina consumer "viscosity" although there are a lot of traffic, but the traffic is not much to the viscosity, Sina search, UC (instant messaging) are not very successful." He also pointed out that if one day Baidu beat Google, he was not surprised, because Baidu is currently the full development of their Post Bar platform community model, "which is the competition ability."

        according to iResearch survey data, users are now stuck in the three major portals on the effective browsing time only the total access time of 19%, the remaining amount of time is spent in the community website.

        Zhou also warned that in the future of the Internet, if you ignore the community, or community can not be used as the guiding ideology, transformation products, or just the community as an additional function, then there must be eliminated.

        the characteristics of the community, Zhou Hongyi summed up the three points: first, the community to meet users feeling sticky; two, carry forward the collective intelligence of user generated content; three, the community is to the center, it is not only to meet the public portal and TV, it is to meet the niche.

        although the community can accumulate a lot of popularity, but its commercial value has been very difficult to recognize

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