Suning com to create a shopping festival where the business logic is the electricity supplier

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in recent years, with the electricity supplier industry, the electricity supplier Shopping Festival to be too numerous to enumerate. Light industry is in large business section several, such as double twelve, 618 eleven, and so on, this is not a major electricity supplier platform regular holiday promotion. Conservative estimates, large and Small Business Festival and shopping festival add up to more hundreds of business promotional platform seems to be the norm, like the mall every day like a discount, consumers have been commonplace.

, however, recently, has held a grand press conference, announced that it will build 818 festival in August have a fever. So, it seems has spread in an electricity supplier shopping section of the case, to build 818 Shopping Festival electricity supplier have a fever for what consideration? And other electricity providers Shopping Festival in the end? Is invited to participate in the conference, industry observers, may wish to interpret the comprehensive analysis:

Why is

to create 818

have a fever?

first, from the point of view of the industry, although the current electricity supplier Shopping Festival, although more, but there is less sincere electricity supplier festival. Especially after the noise in a few years, the electricity supplier Shopping Festival has become a platform and more a gimmick, but did not really start from the service quality and improve the level of the platform, but through the dark, such as rose first and then discount price etc. to mislead consumers, and some businesses even electricity supplier Shopping Festival as a potter promotional, rather than to provide consumers with high-quality goods, after which leads each electricity supplier Festival, is accompanied by a large number of businesses on the platform and the complaints and returns. In fact, this has no effect for the electricity supplier industry, it makes consumers for the platform trust degree decreased, to some extent hindered the healthy development of the electricity supplier industry, so this situation must be reversed.

secondly, consumers more and more rational, although the electricity supplier platform often engage in promotions, but consumers do not pay more and more. In the face of business platform and dazzling packaging and gimmick, consumers in experience several failures of the electricity supplier Festival shopping experience, gradually produce immune to electronic business platform discounts, just like everyone for mall promotions like this guide It is quite common for, for the electricity supplier Festival more and more without a sense of consumer, a large number of consumers take a wait-and-see attitude for the electricity supplier Shopping Festival, rather than the usual panic buying up the whole family.

finally, starting from’s point of view, as the industry’s top three business platform, is currently the only one not really their own electricity supplier festival. For example, there is a Tmall double eleven initiated, while section 618 electricity supplier is Jingdong’s anniversary, so to create a truly own electricity supplier Festival imminent. August is not only the summer, more is Suning’s anniversary month, and at this time, there is no large-scale electricity supplier Festival and shopping festival, Suning launched at this time have a fever section 818 electricity supplier as >

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