Stationmaster net daily broadcast electricity supplier will start shopping rebate network legislatio

1, the first electricity supplier to start the domestic regulatory legislation: price war is expected to converge

caused chaos in the field of domestic electricity supplier, can’t the embarrassing situation is expected to end. Reporters learned yesterday from the China Electronic Commerce Research Center, led by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce initiated the network commodity trading and Services Regulatory Ordinance has been included in the State Council, two types of legislation plan. The industry is generally concerned about whether the tax collection and network promotion norms become the focus of legislation. This means that the increasingly fierce electricity supplier price war is expected to converge, the industry will be more orderly development.

at present, China has not made a comprehensive electronic commerce regulatory laws and regulations, legal gaps also make e-commerce market has always been the threshold is too low, the state of dragons and fishes jumbled together. The industry generally believes that corporate self-regulation is only a soft standard, the market has been waiting for the introduction of relevant laws and regulations.

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2, the largest shopping rebate network was shut down suspected MLM suspected pyramid is difficult to define

, according to Xinhua news agency, Jinhua city of Zhejiang Province, the relevant sources, the country’s largest shopping rebate site, Zhejiang billion Agel Ecommerce Ltd and belongs to the "million shopping" site because of suspected crime MLM organization and leadership, relevant departments have been shut down in June 12th and, at present, the public security authorities arrested in Jinhua within the city of 47 people involved, the criminal compulsory 25 people, responsible person of the enterprise is controlled by the police. From February 15th this year, the site about 6 million yuan a day loss, by the year May 25th has been a loss of more than $600 million.

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3, the police involved in the gold rush event P2P and payment platform torture

P2P network lending platform on the line less than a week, the site suddenly can not log in, the person in charge of the site lost contact with its third party payment platform to pay the money has been paid off the inquiry. At present, the specific amount of the loss is still uncertain, according to media reports, estimated at more than 1 million yuan. There are P2P network lending industry admitted that the credibility of the industry as a whole is a heavy blow.

P2P network lending companies and third party payment platform is the ideal mode of cooperation: a desire to borrow money through the P2P platform to B, the amount of money paid by a third party to the third party directly to the B +

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