Do 180 million single men and women’s business dating sites hundreds of millions of dollars in reven

in China, how many people are busy for the spouse, trouble?

260 million.

once upon a time, it was just a social phenomenon. Now, it is still a good money market.

jointly issued the National Women’s Federation and marriage website Lily network "2010 national marriage survey report" shows that China’s existing 180 million singles, among them, 23.8% single parents are around to help them find the object. This means that about 260 million people in the country are busy for the spouse. Micro-blog, there is a single user so ridicule his busy state: not on a blind date, on the way to the blind date."

180 million singles, one in supporting matchmaker, someone sneaked into the low-key dating, who approached in the street, there are people playing online games…… But a larger group of people lurking in the marriage website.

as of January 2011, three major domestic dating sites, Jiayuan network has about 32000000 registered members, Lily network and zhenai respectively with about 26000000 members, the number of members of the three simple addition, is almost Chinese nearly half of the single.

huge demand for marriage and the combination of the network burst out huge energy. The dating website as a 24 hour closed stores, auto aggregation members, collect and sell membership information. Every year hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue growth rate of 200%, so many people envy.

someone interested in you, but please pay

Beijing single female white-collar Xiao Tao, 3 years ago in Jiayuan network member. But because at that time the number of members of the site is not small, Tao did not take it seriously. In 2011, 28 year old Xiao Tao began to find a boyfriend at the urging of his parents. I often see the network advertisement in the century Jiayuan dating programs, she re login the website. Xiao Tao found that their personal data is still, and 3 years have been single men in the browser, a total of up to more than 12 thousand people, of which many people are still sent to the station in the intention of further exchange of mail.

but different from 3 years ago, Xiao Tao, now, to find the object in the century is no longer a free online. For example, if you want to see the message that you want to communicate with yourself, you have to pay. This type of email generally only shows such as "a man, 29 years old, income of 10000 yuan to 20000 yuan, a car like, click on the keyword" will go to a payment page, showing a number of payment packages and payment ways, such as through online banking, mobile phone card, send the card service on the door to pay for one month, half a year or a year to see the letter cost, cost from 100 yuan to 500 yuan. In the same way, if you are interested in single email, send virtual gifts, online chat, but also to pay.

in addition, different fees will be divided into ordinary users registered users, advanced users and diamond users

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