Kabasiji QQ encirclement and suppression 360 client dispute intensified

by the "360 privacy protector" exposed "QQ privacy door" caused by the disputes upgrade again.

yesterday (October 13th), the 360 companies once again issued a statement, called the "QQ security module" supervision of their own can not make the whole society to believe, on the other hand, Kabasiji also joined the "slobber" in the dispute on its website yesterday, the official Chinese, published a strongly worded statement, criticism for the super 360 the factory "malignant virus interpretation and the official news" cheat 400 million netizen ", this is the first time Kabasiji issued a statement on the website of the direct criticism of rival Chinese official.

statement for Kabasiji, 360, said the company will decide to formally prosecute Kabasiji. As of the daily economic news reporter press time, Kabasiji did not respond to the 360 prosecution.

outstanding privacy dispute

October 12th, published by the Tencent Inc QQ product team name statement, Tencent again QQ has always attached great importance to the protection of user privacy, no peeping Privacy Act, and provides a detailed documentation, for the user to understand the principle, mechanism and effect of QQ safety inspection. In addition, the statement that 360 "slander QQ", and to the country more than 100 million users online QQ large-scale pop push the statement.

October 13th, 360 for the Tencent Inc’s statement also responded, QQ suspected of scanning user privacy is a long-standing historical problems, from the beginning of 2003, there have been a large number of netizens and media reports: QQ personal information privacy was leaked, QQ was sealed, rather baffling open QQ download file has been frozen, some files do not open their own software bundled with QQ, the default……

360 pointed out that according to the 360 users using privacy protection monitoring, only QQ abnormal, Microsoft MSN, Ali Wangwang is not. Users use Microsoft ProcessMonitor, Comodo, QQ and other monitoring tools at the same time, detective QQ found similar behavior, 360 privacy protection is to help users monitor software abnormal behavior of the gadget, peeping privacy by the user to determine whether.

360 believes that 600 million users have the right to monitor the privacy of their own privacy protection mechanisms QQ. Currently, the number of QQ active accounts reached 612 million 500 thousand (according to Tencent earnings). Since the largest amount of QQ users, users can not be separated from the most private chats and transfer files are also the most users have the right to supervise QQ.

however, 360 in response to the QQ security module was questioned, and lists the Tencent will all abnormal behavior can be attributed to "QQ security module", so the "supervision" and "security" is very suspicious, QQ’s own "safety supervision module" I could not let the whole society letter service.

Kabasiji issued a condemnation of 360

it is worth mentioning that 360 of the competitors Kabasiji are also the same

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